Turned upside down,
Grasping in the air.
Fox furred repine for suspended trinkets.

Dream Log

Dreamed about a poor boy named Carl, a girl who only wanted to be a pirate, a suburbanite who found who he really fits in with, and someone who had to grow up too early and was predetermined for a life of crime. Dreamed about the friends they made, the trouble that deepened, the murders they committed, the people they helped, the people they hurt, the love they had, the pasts revealed, and the sacrifices they made in the end. I know you’re out there in those deep woods waiting for her, Carl. Waiting for all of them.

Stories told by stuffy women,
Stereo sound of adventures imagined.
Oral pages turning by impulse alone.

Alkaline seas on shores of basalt,
Questing fingers of gelatine breach the air.
Bedraggled ships of bone unnoticed,
Drifting to frozen cities of gnashing teeth.

Twisting around corners,
I can only find myself.

Dream Log

I was one of three major slackers in high school in the eighties. We didn’t care about anything but goofing off. Until one day through chance we discover that one of our teachers was an escaped Nazi. But who would believe us? So, we convinced a local law professor and former judge to help us if we could gather the evidence. The Nazi found out about us the day we were going to tell the Professor. We devised a plan to distract everyone, including the principal who had it in for us. I made it to the Professor with the help of my friends. As I was waking up I was returning with the Professor and he was going to bring the police. Oh yeah, I think I was wearing one of those stupid multicolored skater hats too.

Dream Log

I was maybe sixteen again. This kid I hated kept coming around and trying to get in my old house and let my cats out. (I had no cats as a kid.) There was also an older girl who was a model something but I can’t remember why she was there. I pretended to call the police once while he was still in the yard. There was a reason why I didn’t call them for real but I don’t remember what it was. After trying to keep him out for awhile the kid gets inside. He told me about how he’s been getting in there for a long time and stealing from my parents. I told him that since he won’t leave I can legally kill him. So I start choking him to death and he poops on the floor.

Mirror of twilight,
I rest my head on reflections of relief.
Unfingers on half realized flesh,

Serrated acclaim,
Herald of dreams,
Lucid claret.

Find me,
Behind the door,
Apparitions of prehistory.

The long wail.

Dream Log

Dreamed I was in some kind of dystopian prison. Ingratiated myself with a Latino gang and made lots of friends. Aside from the extreme violence all of the gangs were nearly Disney-esque. There was a part where I fired a fifty caliber machine gun into a crowd. Pew pew pew.